What makes DOGtor Rx different from other supplements?
Natural Growth Factors make the difference!

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Cushings Disease in Dogs | Arthritis in Dogs | Diabetes in Dogs

Extensive research has recently determined that these
Natural Growth Factors are excellent additions to a pet's diet.

These Natural Growth Factors were originally formulated for humans.

Before the introduction of NGFs to their diet, the only way that natural growth factors could be
added to a canine's diet was by feeding them fresh raw meat (just like carnivorous wild animals eat).

For years, human consumers have been reporting phenomenal results using this natural anabolic dietary formula.
Results were so positive that they actually began sprinkling it on their dog's food to see if their pet would also benefit.

The results were amazing and positive!

This led to the development of DOGtor Rx.

Check out the ailments alleviated by putting your pet on a DOGtor Rx. regime.